Our People

Kitchell has tremendous diversity of experience and backgrounds. Our leaders are a testament to the importance we place on individuals and their impact on our history, and ability to shape our future. Our commitment to fostering leadership and employee engagement, training and career development makes us an employer of choice for both new college graduates and seasoned professionals.

  • With the credo "never stop learning," our professionals pursue certifications and accreditations that help them maintain their status as the most knowledgeable and trained workforce in the industry
  • Our Subcontractor Safety Alliance is a program that brings together all Kitchell trade contractors to reinforce Kitchell's safety culture and best practices among all of our partners
  • The Kitchell Leadership Program is a formal mentoring program offered to select employees that have demonstrated a commitment and desire to move forward in their careers at Kitchell, encouraging innovation and collaboration among all of our companies, divisions and geographies
  • We maintain our status as a preferred place to work in third-party surveys conducted by the Phoenix Business Journal and the Sacramento Business Journal, with our People Department rated as one of the best HR teams in the Arizona Business Magazine HR Awards.
Growing Leadership from Within

Once a month a group of our mid- to upper-level employees come together to learn how to grow within our company, both individually and within their teams. The Kitchell Leadership Program includes participants from all of Kitchell’s companies and takes place over a two-year period. Each year a new batch of up-and-coming leaders is tapped for the program, which progresses through phases of learning about self and leading people and teams.

This type of mentoring is increasingly important as we maintain unity and commitment to our mission, Building Value, Every Day, and reinforce new ways of doing business as a creative, thoughtful and enterprising partner to our clients.