Property Management

As property owners ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in property management.

Photo by: Richard Maack

Each property we manage – a portfolio including more than 4 million square feet throughout Arizona and California – has a customized management program that meets owner objectives and property needs. We approach the management of each asset as if we own it ourselves and assign professionals experienced in development, leasing, design, and construction to manage each of them.

  • Strong tenant relationships – Tenants are a project's most valuable asset. Our management program is proactive and engaging, committed to open and consistent communication.
  • Professional accounting services – We use an exacting approach when financially managing your asset, a point of pride in our capabilities. When we assume management of a property, we abstract all data and compile a detailed database to effectively manage the asset, assign to each property a management team which includes a CPA, and utilize the most advanced accounting software to produce thorough monthly and annual statements.
  • Market projects with a strategic vision – We understand the marketplace, and what it takes to meet your long-term goals. Our marketing encompasses tenant communications, leverages long-term relationships with vendors in order to maximize buying power, and includes regular communication with brokerage firms to generate interest and maintain awareness of a project.
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Certified, Trained Expertise to Manage Your Asset

A strategic marketing plan is developed for each property we manage to address tenant outreach as well as strategies to build occupancy. We have strong relationships with many local and national tenants in our markets, positively impacting your project’s occupancy rates. Our property reports are carefully analyzed to ensure that our accounting practices are above reproach.

As part of our financial analysis of a project, we invoke our expertise in development services, design, and construction to ensure that the property’s assets are protected and maintained.