Unlike other contractors that have come to the Navajo Nation, Kitchell truly cares about integrity, quality control and maximizing Navajo employment. Kitchell’s approach to structuring the work and pre-qualification programs go above and beyond in making sure that Navajo subcontractors get the opportunity to work on large and small contracts. You have proven that you can do what other contractors say they can do but don’t – employ our people and bring quality construction to Indian Country. Kitchell has set the benchmark for safety, speed and superior workmanship utilizing the local workforce.

Free Brady

Kitchell’s close-out process is exemplary and exhaustive which makes bringing a building “online” less than a struggle than you’d imagine. In addition to closely coordinating our phased occupancy schedule, as well as with several agencies of jurisdiction for the full testing electrical, mechanical, gaming, surveillance and life safety systems, they also coordinated all Owner training and the establishment and monitoring of a Warranty Service Program for 24/7 response. I can rest assured that the answer to any possible question we might have down the road is included in these materials.

Lewis Alexander
Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

Kitchell’s team worked well with the design team in solving the multitude of day-to-day problems, and completed all of the projects on time and at less than their respective Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Tony Struthers
John C. Lincoln Health Network

Throughout the course of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, Kitchell excelled in various aspects including (but not limited to) adherence to the established budget and schedule while providing the type of quality desired by the owner… The way they conduct business and develop and maintain relationships with the facility staff were a significant factor in the success and I would recommend their participation in future projects of mine.

Randy J. Bierbaum
Banner Health

The days spent in the hospital can be very long and boring for a child. With the gifts that you provided, patients can have fun and distraction that ease parents’ minds by making their children happy. Your kindness and generosity will live on for years to come through the children who will enjoy these gifts.

Vicki Began, RN
The University of Arizona Medical Center - Diamond Children's

I continue to be impressed by Kitchell’s passion, expertise, sophistication and overall knowledge. In all senses of the term, this is a true High Performance partnership and the benefits have been extraordinary.

Scott Reed
UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center

Kitchell was attentive to staying on top of this project and their "daily due diligence" to clarifications and construction issues helped facilitate the tight schedule for completion.

Robert Winton
Winton Architects (KPNX relocation)

What impressed me the most about Kitchell’s QA/QC is just how brutally tough and thorough its third party inspectors are on work performed by the company. I was awed by the reports sent to us. I’ve seen plenty of field reports from architects and have never seen such detailed reviews and reports or tracking mechanisms so comprehensive.

Steve Eiss
Banner Health

It has been a personal pleasure for me to work with hardison/downey/kitchell on this challenging development and I look forward to our next project together. I will certainly recommend hdk's services for other developments.

Victor Young
American Campus Communities

You and your team were as fine and as fun as any general contractor I have had the pleasure of working with in my 30 years of being in the business.

Stephen P. Smith
Eagle College Prep

Not only do they come up with innovative solutions to conduct business seamlessly with few hiccoughs but, on a personal level, they truly make a job site their second home so they are comfortable, able to recharge at night and come to work refreshed in the morning.

Monty Roessel
Rough Rock Community School

Kitchell provided us with a well-balanced, experienced, professional crew. They worked with us at all levels of management and adjusted well to the changing environment. Working together, we were able to find answers to complex challenges and more importantly, implement them while staying within budget.

Javier Quesada
John C. Lincoln Health Network

This team exemplifies collaboration, integrity and excellence in execution. Its members have worked together seamlessly and without ego, setting aside personal gains for the benefit of the team and the project which, ultimately, means patients and their families, healthcare providers, hospital administrators and the community.

Dave Cottle
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Kitchell’s construction management expertise is evident in many facets. Their ability to coordinate the project requirements with the ongoing school operations has allowed for smooth running projects. Their consistent performance has been key in resolving issues, communicating solutions and minimizing overall impacts to the Bond Program.

Maureen Shelton, Director of Construction Management
San Francisco Unified School District

Kitchell’s understanding of public building design, construction, quality control, material options, positive approach to potential conflicts, and thoughtful recommendations helped to minimize problems in the confines of a tight budget. Kitchell’s proactive approach and team work have been outstanding.

Vincent E. Griffiths, Former Architect, Deputy Director
Professional Services Division, Merced County

The various representatives from Kitchell with whom I had a pleasure to meet demonstrated the utmost experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Jason Plotkin, Project Manager
County of Riverside

After a good start, MJC's Measure E Program continues on track. I attribute that to the great leadership Kitchell has provided.

Robert Nadell, Vice President of Student Services
Modesto Junior College

Their ability to seamlessly organize, coordinate, track, and follow-up on multiple project issues continues to amaze us.

Diane Elliott, Project Director III, Laurie Steffen, Project Director I
State of California, DGS/RESD/PMB

Kitchell has saved the College money through their attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the projects, bidding processes, review of specifications and monitoring during construction.

Board of Trustees
San Joaquin Delta Community College District