Design-Build is the true integration of left brain and right brain experts working together to create and construct an optimal structure while achieving economies of scale. It’s all about simplification, consolidation and collaboration. As your Design-Builder, Kitchell is 100% accountable every step of the way from the design through to close-out. Having one single point of responsibility reduces costs and risks for owners while streamlining the entire design and construction process. Because integration and collaboration are at the foundation of Design-Build, it is rapidly becoming a preferred method of delivery. Kitchell is seeing phenomenal results and generating innovative solutions by co-locating design and construction professionals, starting with the earliest activities. Benefits of the Design-Build delivery model:
  • Simplified administration
  • Straight-forward contracts
  • Early fixed costs
  • Fewer change orders due to construction expertise during design
  • No architect-contractor conflicts
Eighteen In-House Architects: Peerless

The traditional adversarial relationship between the design and construction sides is becoming a thing of the past. Bridging the gap between the two cultures is no small feat but Kitchell’s commitment to doing so has made a profound impact internally and garnered great respect throughout the industry. And one of the reasons we’ve seen such success is because our eighteen in-house architects are as passionate about the cross-pollination of ideas–and even languages–as are their construction colleagues.

Three design-build options. We’ll help you choose the right one to get to your destination: building success.

1. Customizing a strategic alliance with the best-for-the-project external designer
2. Harnessing our own in-house design-build powerhouse team
3. Blending expertise with a selected design collaborator