As founder Sam Kitchell wisely noted throughout his life, Kitchell is only where it is today because of the quality of our people. We are fortunate to employ the best, brightest, proud yet humble individuals within the building industry, and are pleased to have them all carry the title “employee owner” through our enviable profit-sharing plan. This benefit is based on an annual vesting schedule that requires no individual financial investment, and has historically performed very well with low volatility. Our employees possess a wide range of skills and talents that, when combined, present a formidable team that brings projects to life. Kitchell employee owners take tremendous pride in their work, their relationships, and the legacy that the Kitchell name evokes.

Executive Team

  • Jim Swanson

    Jim Swanson

    President and CEO

    Kitchell Corporation

    As the CEO of Kitchell Corporation, Jim Swanson works closely with each of the companies that are part of the Kitchell family, and leads the corporate team that oversees all Kitchell financial, legal, technical and human resources functions.

  • Steve Whitworth

    Steve Whitworth


    Kitchell Contractors

    Steve Whitworth joined Kitchell in 2006. He embodies the company's vision and values and has played a role on many significant projects. A stalwart client advocate, Steve brings construction expertise and fiscal responsibility to every project.

  • Wendy Cohen

    Wendy Cohen


    Kitchell CEM

    Wendy Cohen oversees Sacramento-based Kitchell CEM's 300-plus employees spanning California, Arizona, Utah, Iowa, Indiana and Texas. In early 2020 she became the first female leader of a Kitchell operating company, which is a testament to her ability to collaborate and lead.

  • Rob Schramm

    Rob Schramm


    Kitchell Development Company

    Rob Schramm oversees acquisitions, entitlements, leasing, construction management and property management of Kitchell-owned assets encompassing raw land, retail, office and industrial properties.

  • John T. White

    John T. White


    American Refrigeration Supplies

    John T. White leads ARS, a Phoenix-based HVAC wholesaler with a national footprint providing quality products and service to the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning industry. ARS sells primarily to licensed contractors in the repair and replacement market.


Meet some of our Employee-Owners

  • Daniel G. Mills

    Daniel G. Mills

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Dan joined Kitchell in 1997 and oversees Kitchell’s public-sector construction and program management portfolio, which is based in Sacramento and touches markets throughout California, Arizona, Texas, Utah and Iowa.

  • Bill Johal

    Bill Johal

    Vice President, Northern California

    Bill’s participation with public safety and essential service facilities includes extensive time connecting with all the stakeholders. A mammoth task to some, Bill knows diligence paid early in a project’s life benefits all.

  • Julie Garcia

    Julie Garcia

    Vice President

    Julie's expertise encompasses all preconstruction activities, specializing in healthcare construction costing and design team integration.

  • John Van Whervin

    John Van Whervin

    Senior Project Manager

    John's experience includes years of architecture, project management and facilities management experience on institutional, correctional, justice facilities projects.

  • Phil Glenn

    Phil Glenn

    Project Director

    Phil is a healthcare construction expert and has managed some of Kitchell's most significant projects. He is a champion of Lean and offsite prefabrication.

  • B.A. Golston

    B.A. Golston

    Senior Project Manager

    B.A.'s expertise encompasses construction administration, construction management and project management of public and private entities, including transportation, corrections, student housing, education and more.

  • Naveed Saboonchi

    Naveed Saboonchi

    Director of IT

    Naveed oversees Kitchell's communications and computer technology throughout California. His expertise spans research, planning, testing and deployment of complex, networked systems enabling Kitchell's offices to communicate seamlessly.

  • Lilia Villalpando

    Lilia Villalpando

    Project Manager

    A vital member of our Central Coast projects, Lilia has demonstrated tremendous professional growth since beginning her career with Kitchell as a Project Engineer. She is a self-starter who produces excellent work and continues to develop tools and processes to manage deliverables.

  • Joyce Oishi

    Joyce Oishi

    Senior Project Manager

    Joyce has worked on various project types including education and civic/municipal, managing contracts of varying size and complexity. She is adept at working with government agencies of many types for consultation, engineering, approvals, legislation and/or required permits, including DSA.

  • Chris Kirch

    Chris Kirch

    Operations Manager

    Chris, with nearly 20 years of construction experience at Kitchell, is a leader in the rapidly growing Houston, Texas region. He is a consummate team player with a commitment to ensuring the success of a project and satisfaction of the client.

  • Angela Sullivan

    Angela Sullivan

    Design-Build Project Manager

    Angela utilizes her background in architectural design to bridge the gap between design and construction on complex integrated design-build projects, leading multi-disciplinary teams from conception to completion.

  • Rick Barton

    Rick Barton

    Executive Director

    Rick has worked on a wide range of public and private projects including educational and municipal facilities, parking structures, office buildings and warehouses.

  • Mike Seiber

    Mike Seiber

    Senior Development Director

    Mike is involved in the acquisition, underwriting, entitlement, leasing, asset management and disposition of retail and other commercial properties in markets throughout California and Austin, Texas.

  • Marie Otaya

    Marie Otaya

    Project Manager II

    Marie strives to provide clients and project teams with integrity and innovation in order to meet goals and provide exceptional value.

  • Marne Bouillon

    Marne Bouillon

    Director of Design and Construction

    With Kitchell since 1988, Marne leads acquisition and due diligence, entitlements and all facets of design and construction for Kitchell's retail, commercial and residential endeavors in California and Texas.

  • Veronica Delgado

    Veronica Delgado

    Executive Director Marketing and Communications

    An outstanding leader and communicator, Veronica successfully creates cohesive A/E/C marketing and communications campaigns for public and private sector clients. She has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing comprehensive multi-platform marketing initiatives.

  • Arturo Taboada

    Arturo Taboada

    Regional Executive

    Arturo has progressive experience in the planning, design, construction and development of private and public buildings and programs, including more than 15 years of management experience leading teams and organizations of various scales both domestically and internationally.

  • Patricia Nguyen

    Patricia Nguyen

    Program Manager

    Patricia draws on her large skillset and extensive experience to manage large and complex programs. She excels at developing diverse high-performance teams with shared vision and purpose.

  • Maria Davila

    Maria Davila

    Finance Director

    Maria works closely with project teams and management to create and monitor our company’s financial goals. She started her career in public accounting and is now a proud employee-owner at Kitchell CEM.

  • Don Haase

    Don Haase

    Executive Director of Program Management and Training

    Don has successfully managed multiple facility construction programs and projects and has a reputation for achieving high-quality results using creative team-building, excellent judgment, strong decision-making skills and a proactive management style.

  • Heather Brown

    Heather Brown

    Engineering and Architectural Services Department Director

    Heather has worked on a wide variety of public, higher education and commercial facilities. She is responsible for managing the multi-disciplinary and multi-talented EAS Department.

  • Ranjit Sinha

    Ranjit Sinha

    Operations Manager

    Ranjit has specialized in civic/municipal, office, laboratory and industrial facilities for both public and private clients. He is a skilled facilitator of communication and collaboration amongst the project team.

  • Sean Greenwald

    Sean Greenwald

    Director of Facilities Management

    Sean has a natural ability to communicate and relate with people, while providing valuable technical knowledge to clients. Passionate about Facilities Management, he believes it touches all phases of stewardship of operating a facility in order to achieve the purpose or mission of the businesses.

  • Luz Gonzalez

    Luz Gonzalez

    Program Director

    Luz has progressed through the Kitchell ranks, beginning as an Intern. She is building on a legacy of performing with excellence in her jobsite leadership roles and our clients recognize her capabilities to lead with success.

  • David Bruner

    David Bruner

    Senior Project Manager

    David has multifaceted experience in the construction industry on a variety of tenant improvement, new construction and renovation projects for public and private sector clients.

  • Jennifer Baker

    Jennifer Baker

    Program Manager

    Jennifer is a dynamic and team-oriented leader with a proven track record delivering projects on time and within budget while exceeding client expectations in the public and private sectors of healthcare, institutional, governmental and high-rise residential.

  • Farshid Samsami

    Farshid Samsami

    Senior Project Manager

    Farshid has a diversified background in the program management, project/construction management and general construction of educational facilities. He brings a solid understanding of a project’s needs and requirements, allowing our team to be productive from day one.

  • Jorge Mendoza

    Jorge Mendoza

    Project Manager II

    Jorge’s exceptional leadership and organizational skills have enabled him to successfully lead multiple projects and gain client respect for keeping projects on track. He has the ability to take large complicated projects and break them down into individual tasks, executing all efforts.

  • Jhanae Yarza

    Jhanae Yarza

    Training and Development Manager

    Jhanae provides guidance on human resources topics and challenges. She is committed to supporting recruiting, as well as developing, engaging and retaining talented staff while strategically aligning all actions towards the business goals and objectives.

  • Damian Glaze

    Damian Glaze

    Regional Executive

    Damian's extensive experience includes education, civic/municipal, justice/corrections, transportation and commercial projects and programs ranging in size from $1 million to $660 million. He truly sees projects through from conception to completion, skillfully leading and building effective teams.