We are committed to growing our people through training, mentorship and investment. It is of critical importance that our employee-owners are empowered to grow in their career. We commit to providing guidance and support to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.

Kitchell University

Our self-administered training portal, Kitchell University, captures Kitchell-custom webinars and training sessions held by our in-house professionals, as well as millions of trainings on soft skills. Our platform manages, tracks and suggests coursework based on interests, position and career track.

Cross-company Mentoring

We create connections among Kitchell companies and divisions through a formal mentoring program, which matches mentors and mentees based on skills, interests and professional goals.

Personal Growth & Development

We offer partial tuition and certification reimbursement for all benefits-eligible, full-time employees, which may include the cost of preparatory workshops, seminars, learning materials, etc.