Kitchell has assessed the condition of over 6 million SF, encompassing 304 buildings, 13 public parks totaling 224 acres and 83 elevators in 36 buildings. Scope of work for building assessments included examination of the roofing, exteriors, interiors, mechanical systems, electrical supply and distribution systems, plumbing supply and waste systems, fire and life safety protection systems, specialty equipment, site utilities and site improvements.

In addition, Kitchell also assessed vertical transportation systems which included elevators and escalators. Scope of work for the park assessments included examination of stormwater drainage systems such as piping, swales, culverts, collection basins, etc., electrical supply and distribution including motor home campsite hookup systems, site utilities, water and sewer systems, pedestrian bridges, obvious structural anomalies such as cracks in foundations, concrete or masonry walls and columns, wood rot, sagging structural members, extensive water damage, etc. and any conditions immediately dangerous to life or health. On a portion of the facilities assessed, Kitchell also performed asset tagging services.