First and foremost, we are builders. Buildings provide a place to house and fulfill dreams and, often, for their inhabitants to accomplish great things. Whether it’s a hospital, courthouse, performing arts complex, casino, resort, shopping center, or school (or any structure for that matter), there is nothing more rewarding than bringing an idea to life and cutting the ribbon on a project that will soon buzz with life.

Leading-edge processes, such as Lean construction, and tools, including extensive use of laser scanning and drones, have propelled Kitchell into being a “Top 50 Firm” in ENR and one of the most sought after construction firms in the United States.

Our Integrated Services approach brings a new way of thinking about everything that happens on a job site – from before the first shovel hits the ground – to how the building is maintained for generations to come.


To avoid the two biggest areas of construction waste – people waiting for materials and work waiting for people – Kitchell embraces pull scheduling. The plan begins with the successful completion of all work and moves backward incrementally to lay out what needs to be done in order to get “there.”


Our team of professional construction estimators have expertise in specific core areas, such as architecture, structural, mechanical, electric, civil and plumbing.

Virtual Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a major resource, not only in managing building systems in 3D, but in all facets and phases of the building process. From preconstruction through close-out, the role of our Virtual Construction Department (ViCon) is to manage multi-discipline information in order to facilitate practical solutions for the project’s design and construction challenges.

Quality Assurance

Kitchell’s Quality Assurance (QA) leaders have avoided nearly $20 million in costs for building owners over the past five years. And that just reflects variables we’ve been able to measure. Our QA experts – seasoned architects, engineers and field engineers – are passionate about producing desired results.

Environmental Services

With adherence to federal, state and local environmental compliance a requirement for all construction projects, clients turn to our Environmental Services experts to balance the needs of expanding communities while protecting resources and ecological systems. Our expertise encompasses Storm Water Pollution Prevention Programs (SWPPP); Dust Control Education, Management and Services; Construction Waste Management; and Environmental Due Diligence.