Safety: What You Do Matters

At Kitchell, safety is in our DNA. Our culture of personal responsibility makes us constantly mindful of our employee-owners and ensuring that the integrity of our workplace and workforce remains intact. What You Do Matters is our rallying cry to inspire individual and collective responsibility for our employee-owners and our livelihood. We incorporate this mantra to remind people that every decision we make at Kitchell potentially impacts our jobs, our colleagues, our clients and our communities.

Safety is more than a value. At Kitchell, we are committed to a safe workplace. We strive to provide employees and subcontractors with the safest possible workplace with no incidents or injuries. Our safety policies, procedures and effective training programs are used and enforced to provide our employees with the necessary skills to bring safety home. Our Safety approach revolves around four equally important key performance indicators (KPIs):

1 – Leadership Engagement. From our CEO to company presidents, field personnel to folks in accounting and beyond, every single Kitchell employee is an empowered safety leader.

2 – Safety Management System. An established, proven framework to manage and continually improve our policies and procedures reduces risk. Our model of Plan (establish process) Do (implement), Check (measure) and Act (analyze results) drives continuous improvement.

3 – Risk Reduction. Risk reduction not only refers to reducing job site hazards, but also encompasses reducing company expenses. Our approach to safety goes beyond injuries and worse, but also focuses on financial impacts, property damage, equipment damage and business interruption.

4 – Performance Measurement. If we don’t measure, we can’t improve. All the work we do to enhance safety helps us benchmark against others, determines targets for safety intervention and sets baselines from which we can measure performance improvements.

Construction is a high-risk industry, and we wouldn’t be in business for nearly 70 years if not for our attention to safety. Any safety incident or injury is a serious issue. Kitchell has zero tolerance for non-adherence to safety protocols. It is our mission to make sure each and every employee and our trade contractors arrive home each evening in the same healthy state they were in when they left for work that morning.