About Kitchell
Everything we do at Kitchell is guided by our purpose, vision and values.


Together, building value every day.


Kitchell will be the most sought-after firm in our targeted markets by staying true to our purpose and values.

Mission Statement

Kitchell is committed to impacting our communities by delivering innovative services through dedicated people and loyal relationships. We provide design, development, construction, facility planning and maintenance services to fulfill the vision of our customers.Together, building value every day.


  • HONESTY AND INTEGRITY We will act with honesty and integrity in our conduct with fellow employees, business partners and customers
  • QUALITY OF WORK / SERVICES We are committed to continuous improvement. We will fully understand and communicate our customers' requirements and perform work that meets those requirements.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We will meet or exceed customer expectations in everything we do.
  • MANAGING CHANGE EFFECTIVELY We will continually seek new ways to add value to our customers and company through innovative ideas and services.
  • PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT We will develop strong leaders and foster a highly motivated work force through employee empowerment, training and career growth opportunities.
  • PROFITABILITY We will increase profits through our diversification, entrepreneurial philosophy and motivated employee owners.
  • SAFETY We will provide a safety culture focused on continuous improvement and individual accountability for the well-being of our employees, business partners and customers.