Why Kitchell?

Buildings provide a place to house and fulfill dreams and, often, for their inhabitants to accomplish great things. Whether it’s a hospital, courthouse, performing arts complex, casino, resort, shopping center, or school (or any structure for that matter, even solar fields), there is nothing more rewarding than bringing an idea to life and cutting the ribbon on a project that will soon buzz with life.

Founder Sam Kitchell instilled a philosophy of enterprise that is reinforced by our leaders today through mentoring and the belief that the next “big idea” could come from any corner, from any employee. Recent innovations include:

  • A life-size foam-core mock-up of a state-of-the-art medical center. This realistic model enabled design drawings to go farther than ever anticipated and shaved months off construction.
    • Project Vital Signs: at-a-glance cost and schedule information
    • Project Directory: access to crucial contact information
    • Project Calendar: know when key events are scheduled
    • Daily Activity Snapshot: know what to expect each morning
    • Progress Photos: see what's happening on site
    • Meeting Minutes: stay informed of critical decisions
  • Our property management team, part of Kitchell Development Company, now offers receivership services, a necessity for institutional owners of foreclosed commercial properties.
  • The joint venture CGL/Kitchell, providing facilities management services to public and private owners in the western United States.
  • Interactive Virtual Tours (IVTs) draw viewers right into the finished space before construction. It takes the best of technology to engage facilities-users into the entire process and helps instill excitement at the earliest stages. In addition to promoting buy-in from end-users, IVTs help shorten transition times into new facilities.

Ideation Lab

In an ever-evolving industry, new tools and innovations happen almost daily. We are constantly evaluating new methods, approaches and ways of doing business to help clients and their projects move through the pipeline faster, from ideas that save millions of dollars in design and change order fees to value engineering that achieves an owner’s vision within budget. Applications and concepts percolating in our Ideation Lab right now:

  • Kitchell Facilities Asset Tool: A comprehensive Facilities Operations & Maintenance package, including an online interactive dashboard enabling owners to pull up a drawing, click on an icon to see an exact area in the model and click on the on the equipment to see product data, warranty, contacts, etc.
  • Cloud Computing: Making all relevant information including video, models, budgets, worker status, etc. is effortlessly accessible to all stakeholders on any device.
  • Kitchell Mobile Application: The ultimate user-friendly online portal for owners to quickly pull-up information that matters to them most—without having to navigate unwieldy special software.
  • Macro BIM Solutions: Maximum optimization of software such as Revit and DProfiler in the planning and conceptual design phases to produce an accurate, simultaneous cost estimate of a proposed design.
  • 3D Printing: Allows stakeholders to better understand the modularization opportunities for healthcare, lab, and other complex projects.