Combining our extensive Banner experience (a client since 1962) with expertise building multiple iterations of one prototype drove faster, more cost-effective processes which yielded an optimal patient experience at these four locations.
These fast-track projects took advantage of cost-effective modularizing and componentizing of assemblies off-site. Among the many benefits, in addition to consistency, was the ease with which city inspectors could review and sign-off on work.
The clinics, among the first of their kind in Arizona, provide care for the whole family in one center: primary care doctors (plus rotating specialists tailored to fit the community), onsite imaging and laboratory services, plus extended morning and evening hours.

  • Accelerated , seven month duration, construction
  • Bulk multi-site procurement: “four in one” bid packages
  • Modular casework, prefabrication, repetitive assemblies
  • 23,500 SF each