For over 28 years, Kitchell worked integrally with the CDCR from the early planning stage through construction and occupancy for the State’s largest prison construction program, valued at $7 billion. Projects ranged from a $13 million, 500-bed addition at an existing prison to a $336 million, 7,456-bed prison.

During our tenure as program/project manager, we helped the CDCR deliver 23 prisons and many other related correctional facility expansions and renovations. These ranged in security level from the least secure fire camps to security housing units (SHJ) which are the most secure facilities in the State. We also helped them develop special purpose prisons and buildings to meet specific needs. We helped develop receptions centers, both campus style and mid-rise, SHU cells and housing units, women’s prisons, correctional treatment centers, vocational and academic programs and a multitude of prison industries.