Fence installation was the first phase of construction activities for the new 54,000 SF justice center which was funded with federal funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. A 13,000 SF support building houses dispatch, police and criminal investigation departments. BITCO-Kitchell, a joint venture, mobilized to the site with a fast-track construction schedule. Subcontracting plans included delivering preference to Navajo subcontractors and creating “carve outs” of construction projects to ensure as much local participation as possible.
The facility includes accommodations for inmates who want to maintain their cultural traditions, including a sweathouse, teepee ground and a hogan. The facility that focuses on maintaining family connections and cultural values as members rehabilitate and transition back into society.

  • 54,000 SF
  • Single story slab-on-grade concrete masonry unit
  • 84 mixed use beds (men, women, juvenile)
  • Raised control rooms, booking areas, dayrooms, recreation areas, staff offices
  • Kitchen, laundry
  • 67% Navajo participation