Kitchell began as a commercial contracting business and over the years developed new talents and enterprises, acquiring complementary businesses and expertise to remain a competitive, privately-owned company. Today Kitchell Corporation is the holding entity of several companies that are part of Kitchell's core business as well as those that operate independently. View Kitchell's most recent annual report here.
Diversity is Key to Our Success

Throughout our six-plus decades we have found new ways to do business, creative ways to enhance our services, and strategic initiatives to help our clients’ meet their goals. This has led to tremendous diversification of our core business and opened opportunities for us to work within myriad industries, honing our expertise in a variety of areas. From our roots in commercial construction we pursued hospitality development and construction management. Our commercial development business spawned a robust property management division, and our construction management portfolio has enabled us to develop a strong architectural and engineering practice, as well as a growing facility management division for public and private enterprises. Our diversification of services and portfolio of companies within Kitchell continue to grow as we look for new ways to maintain value for our clients.